Ninetales Collective - Kitchen 2

PECKHAM, LONDON - For London-based art group Ninetales Collective, last night was the opening night of their new exhibition, Kitchen 2. But instead of being based in an art gallery, it was held in a KFC near Peckham Rye station, while customers dined around them. And instead of exhibiting paintings or sculptures, the work was the restaurant itself.

"It's popular for fast food restaurants these days to have framed images and murals decorating the space, but they're not there to be noticed, they just exist to make the room feel a certain way," said Gem, one of the members of the art collective, as they handed out specially printed exhibition guides to attendees. "By drawing attention to these framed photos and slogans, you see how companies can control their image, and come across as more healthy, friendly or inviting without you even noticing."

The work was a response to KFC's advertising stunt at last week's Ultra festival in Miami, where a DJ in a Colonel Sanders costume performed a short set in front of screens advertising the restaurant to a bemused crowd. "They took their commercials into an art space, so we're taking art into their commercial space."

"We did worry about getting kicked out, but even when over half the people in the restaurant were just looking at the walls and talking about art, the staff didn't seem to mind. Although maybe that's because some of them also bought some chicken."

"It's just for one night, we don't want to cause any more of a disruption. Although, if people want, we can organise private viewings on request."

To get in touch, please contact The exhibition was curated by Gem @whoops_uhoh and Honor @kittynoise