Cosmic Caz - Reality

5.18 speaks to Cosmic Caz on the release day of their EP, Reality.

Tell us a bit about your music! When did you start making music, what is your message?

I started making music around 2017. I’ve wanted to make music for a while but never knew how to start. The more I became aware of and surrounded by people I connected to making music, the more inspired I became. Eventually I taught myself how to produce music. I didn’t really follow any formulas for making music so that’s why my music is quite experimental and eccentric. I like creating unconventional sounds, like by sampling sounds around me and incorporating them into tracks or making my voice sound abstract and ethereal, so it doesn’t sound like a voice but another layer of soundscapes. I think anyone can make music if they really want to, you don’t have to have learnt it in school, and I wish I knew that from the start. My music reflects me, my experience and understanding of the world from all kinds of aspects. This includes everything from more personal concepts to more political ones. I want my music to both express how I’m feeling but also try to encourage and inspire a better world. At the moment, my music is quite cosmic and otherworldly which I suppose reflects my passion for sci-fi, fantasy and space themes and subjects, which has also sort of become my persona at the moment!

You've played a lot in London - what is your favourite type of gig or event to play?

My favourite type of event is one with a concept, message or manifesto behind it, and one where I feel like it is a space that I belong in. One show I really enjoyed playing was with Diaspora Disco in December 2018. This was an event showcasing Asian artists, to claim space and express ourselves freely. I value playing events where you feel that sense of community and belonging, and everyone is supportive of one another. I’d like to play more shows like that, more experimental shows and ones that uplift and support poc and lgbtq+ artists. Representation is so important, and we still need to continue to support and uplift underrepresented beings.

The new EP is now out, and the track warrior is especially relevant in today's world where a lot of us are starting to take a stand against things we don't like, or to support things we believe in. What is the meaning for you behind the song and the EP?

Warriorz is an important song to me. It’s about finding your inner strength, fighting battles you don’t chose, fighting for your rights and fighting to survive. I have to remind myself to keep fighting and trust things will get better no matter how bleak they are. We all have to find our inner Warrior and be strong in dark times. We have to unite and fight for the change we want to see in the world. We have to fight for those who may not be able to fight for themselves. Warriorz is a song that makes me feel powerful and I hope when others listen to this song this sentiment is shared too. The EP is called Reality, which is also one of the tracks on the EP. This EP was about self-exploration and my attempt in trying to make sense of this chaotic world. Cosmic Caz represents a being from another world, coming to Earth and trying to make sense of it all, exploring utopian and dystopian themes, the natures of reality and understanding of oneself. The first track on the EP, Natures Glitch, which I released 2 years ago, is about the destruction of the world through climate change. The track Mystery explores the nature of reality and how it’s a confusing and mysterious experience were all trying to make sense of. The track Reality is about being in control of your own reality and identity, its about what you make of yourself and not how others perceive you. The track Alive is about being in touch with your emotions, being present and alive in this world and taking it all in. So, I suppose the EP Reality is taking all these concepts that define your experience, taking charge of your own reality and curating the world that you want to live in.

The EP cover is screenshot of a 3D world I created. The world is an interactive 3D environment I made for my dissertation. It’s somewhat like a game but more an audio / visual art piece. I created all the music, 3D-modelled, animated and coded everything. I chose this as the artwork for Reality because in a way it’s a version of Reality that I created for myself, one where it is a utopian Reality. This EP has taken over 2 years to create and I am happy it has finally manifested into reality for the world to experience. I’m so grateful for all the beings who have supported and inspired me on this musical journey and I’m looking forward to more creations to come.

Keep up with Cosmic Caz on instagram: @cosmic.caz

“Reality” EP release party at The Five Bells, New Cross, 20th April 2019. Tickets available here.