The magazine

5.18 started life as a monthly £2 newsprint zine in February 2018. As a side project to help me get through University, 5.18 began to grow into a community, into a zine I really cared about. After holding two packed events at The Five Bells in New Cross, I decided 5.18 and the wonderful contributors behind it needed something bigger and better, and needed to be paid for their work.

So - the “big print” idea was born. Outsourcing to a printing company meant we had to raise our prices from £2 to £10, however to counter this we have made every effort to pay as many contributors as possible. Over half of the Spring/Summer 2019 issue is paid commissions - and hopefully, next issue will be 100%. We want to make contributing to magazines fun again - a community that is exciting to be part of, and is fair to it’s contributors. Obviously, we might make mistakes (but please feel free to get in touch and correct us on them!)

Other than pushing to pay for work, the magazine is also dedicated to fair representation, meaning we accept work from all people regardless of background, race, gender, sexuality and age etc. We want to hear your voices, and share your work. We are also committed to trying to reduce our impact on the environment. Each print issue is now going to be printed on 100% recycled paper, minus the front and back cover! They should be long-lasting and environmentally friendly, and instead of throwing any of your old copies, we will happily pay postage for you to send them back to us in any condition (we don’t like waste!).

I hope you like what you see - and remember, to get in touch or submit work, simply email!

Thank you and enjoy

Ellie Connor-Phillips

Editor | 5.18 Magazine