Seven Sisters Cliffs

Photographs and words from a trip to Seven Sisters Cliffs, South Downs, UK by Victoria Petersen, @vipetersen

“I went to a beautiful place, a place that canʼt be reached by photographs or words, but only with one’s heart.

Yet I took a train to go. And somewhere in the middle I got lost on the forests passing by, on the growing mountains and the white sheep.
Suddenly, my train became a cloud.

I arrived to a small station, in a small town. But somehow I felt smaller than ever.
I arrived to a place were appearances were irrelevant, yet they were the most beautiful these eyes have ever seen.

It was a place were people werenʼt afraid of smiling to a strange girl taking their picture. Instead they smiled at her and posed.

Time had reached their skin but not their souls.

I see people painting
I see people feeding birds
I see people walking
I see people walking dogs, and dogs walking people.
I see people loving each other, I see people being lonely
No matter where I look, I see people smiling back at me.

From yellow houses, to a blue pier I followed the path into a stony beach.
I heard the floor crunch.

The earth felt fragile, so I felt fragile.
The seashells, abandoned houses, the eggshells, unborn souls and the rocks, million years old, crunched under my feet. And with every step I sink deeper, in a sea of souls.

I see the lighthouse in the distance.
To the left the ocean, to the right an infinite white wall.
the salty fresh air travels through my skin and through my breath. And in that precise moment, the world stops.
And l find myself in a postcard. Captured in a moment full of feelings.
The world becomes timeless for a second that feels eternal.

Out of the beach into the cliff I went.
I climbed up 119 floors and rolled down a 119 more.
I looked up to the sky and saw the birds fly.
So I closed my eyes, spread my arms, ran and flew.
I opened my eyes at the edge and watched the ocean shine. I try to look far but all I see is light. But itʼs fine, it means darkness is not yet to come.”