I’ve been attending PUSSYLIQUOR (@pxssyliqxor) gigs for probably a year and a half now, but you would be mistaken if you thought I had even slightly begun to tire of them. There’s something about their energy I can’t quite put into words…it’s a sort of atmosphere that seems to spread out from them as they play, uniting audiences and welcoming them into their world. You feel included, involved, and (probably more if you’re not a cis white straight man) as if a lot of your own feelings and thoughts have been given a voice through their music. All of this is underpinned by a quiet professionalism and sharp instrumental talent, which ultimately is what makes PUSSYLIQUOR so exciting. They never seem to have an off day - every gig is important, and while they have fun onstage they never fail to deliver an impressive set.

This particular night was no different - supporting Hands Off Gretel, they played to a crowd slightly different to what I would consider their usual student assembly, however within the first song it was clear they had caught the attention of everyone in the room. Before long everyone who didn’t already know them had caught on to their liberal attitude and free speech on issues such as wanking, and I’d argue there wasn’t one person there who didn’t come away a new fan. I think that is what is so memorable about them: this ability to be fun and lighthearted as well as dwell on serious issues all within the space of a few songs, and take you with them on that journey. Words and photos: Ellie Connor-Phillips, @elliecp_

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