Proprioception/Ecstatic Peace

Garments and styling: Martina Alia Mascia

Photography : Guido Cormino

Models: Francesca Antea Mascia, Benedetta Marino, Valerio Perna

“Proprioception/ Ecstatic Peace is a project born from the esigence of rising the awareness about corporeality. Today, the idea of "body as a work machine" is more important than the individual's ability to experiment and take pleasure with it. We must escape from the myopia of reason. The common goal must be the creation of a world characterized by the presence of a collective psyche, in which all individuals collaborate perfectly integrated with each other, with psychic power, able to fight the  Society of the Spectacle.

 To make this happen, we need to explore our own interiority, expose it, investigate it. We must activate proprioception, the moment of absolute ignition of the perception of the self. It represents, scientifically, the ability of the individual to self-govern both the body and the psyche. Hence the connection with the analysis of interiority from a scientific point of view. I analyzed the radiographs, angiographs and magnetic resonances of a family archive, from which I extracted the cuts and proportions of the garments by studying the structure of the skeletal and venous segments, and the concept of overlap and transparency of the fabrics. The graphics of the garments, in fact, become perfectly clear only if they are backlit, like the x-ray plates themselves, and as a metaphor for "looking inside" themselves.”