Poetry: Jasmine Dunne


Ginger Ginni 

So I’m running in an empty field 

Tell me when to stop

I'll swing on lines just from my heels

Until I feel the shock 

I'll lie across a wheety wheel 

Until the farmers flock

My heart gives in

My hair comes off 

My teeth are like a rotting cob

My lungs beat an unhealthy throb 

I cough and cough and cough and cough

My skin is sweating

My sight goes blue 

My feet go numb

And I can't move 

This field was beautiful 

until I stopped

And saw true detail of what it was.


I’ve been searching under tables

I’ve been searching under chairs

I’ve been searching in a man 

And with my fingers in his hair

I went searching on the stage

And I’ve been searching on the street

Nothing I can do 

Can find the confidence in me.

How long should I keep singing 

Before the penny has to drop

How many more dances till 

My heart gets what it wants

How many more layers

Should I strip down away from me

Until I know that I have found

The confidence in me.

Words and photography by Jasmine Dunne. See Jasmine’s website here.