Last days at CSM

It’s always the moments you want to remember that seem to go so quickly; in rushing to complete deadlines or finish work for hand in, it’s easy to forget to enjoy the productivity and comfort of a studio space. The spaces we move within become intrinsicly linked to moments in our personal history, and become woven into the work we produce while within them. Before we cover the CSM degree shows next week, artist Jessica Cairo shared with us photographs from some of the last studio days at university, before install began and hand in completed, and through these we can see a glimpse of the works of some really talented up-and-coming artists in the creative chaos of studio life before their final show at CSM next week.

Photography - Jessica Cairo @Jessica.cairo / Artists featured (in no particular order) - @jessica.cairo - @alienkink - @polinausenko - @matty_smj - @harriettemeynell - @jessshead - @sarahlocke2 - @chefcrapbag206 - @anaiscomer - Ruth Allison

You can find the degree show at CSM from 22-26th May, and the official afterparty here.